Adult Services

Community Support Services

This service focuses on assisting individuals in working on their Person Centered Plan goals in the community, both through one-on-one and group staffing for each person served. Work is focused upon social, daily living and behavioral goals and community integration. We serve a limited number of people to ensure the most personalized and highest quality of service.

Home and Community Support Waiver

A more intensive level of service, with supports to individuals offered both in-home and in the community. Waiver status granted by the State of Maine under Section 21 of MaineCare regulations, this service also allows for the provision of more medically necessary and/or services not ordinarily provided for by other State services.
Shared Living

Residential support to adults are set up with a Shared Living companion, living either in the companion’s home or the home of the individual; services can also include those covered through normal FSD as well as and recreational, vocational, educational, therapeutic, and/or physical needs.