Programs & Services

Bridges of Maine, LLC is a family centered agency, committed to providing the highest quality of services possible for adults and children with mental retardation and autism. Children qualify for Rehabilitative and Community Support Services under the regulations of Section 28 of MaineCare Services; we offer adults Community Support Services under Section 29. We also provide Home Support Waiver-level Services under Section 21 of MaineCare to children and adults granted that status by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

We hope to maintain what we feel are quality services by implementing a variety of steps we feel are central to this process: first it is our intent that Bridges of Maine, LLC remain a relatively small agency. By remaining small, we feel that this allows for a more detailed approach to programming overview. We also develop as an agency one individual/family at a time. From assessment to implementation of each program, Bridges of Maine, LLC focuses on the needs of each individual within his/her family environment, addressing their specific needs (behavioral self-management, daily living skills, and social skill development).

We’ve found that individuals often experience a delay in further developing, or regression in skills development due to disruption in services. This can be especially true through the loss of trusted direct service professionals. In an attempt to provide and maintain consistency of staffing within each individual program, we offer pay and incentive benefits to provide adequate living wages for all of our employees.

By remaining relatively small, we are also in a position to provide individualized initial staff training as well as on-going training, and to deliver these in a timely manner.
Perhaps most importantly, we are able to be truly individually-based through the consistent weekly supervision of all of staff. Quality of services can only really be measured and maintained through regular in-person contact with employees and with consumers and families as needed, and it’s that personal touch that we feel really makes a difference in the end.

We feel that our geographic locations with offices in Gray and Waterboro enhance our ability to address staffing and family issues more locally as they arise.