Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

It is our fundamental belief that each individual’s contribution to their community is based on their unique journey. A journey developed through their own life experiences, and the process by which they developed the necessary skills to succeed.

It’s not enough just to exist within the community, if one lives long enough it will happen naturally. It is important to be viewed as a respected community member, one who is held in regard by his or her neighbors. This quality of community status results, we feel, from a life long process of positive influences we can have on each other.

This process begins at birth, and continues beyond death (we influence others who live beyond ourselves). Our part in this process of a child’s journey, is to strive in assisting each child realize his or her own ability to influence others, by assisting them in developing necessary skills to succeed in their respective community settings. By influencing this process early on, in cooperation with consumer families, state agencies, and the community at large, we envision a society in which all people are treated with respect and dignity, and all people are supported in providing their best in the service of each other.

Everyone is a shareholder when it comes to each individual realizing his or her potential in the community.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that every individual’s unique journey through life be treated with dignity and respect. There can be many obstacles along that journey, often requiring a bridge to cross them. It is our hope to be that bridge between each individual and their goals, inspiring a positive and affirming attitude in others in the process.