Program Coordinator (Full-Time and Part-Time)

Coordinators provide one-on-one support to adults and/or children. Services take place in the home and in the community. The focus of supports are Behavioral Management (task refusal), Life Skills (toileting, dressing, grooming, chores, etc.) and Social Skills (peer interaction, expressing wants or needs, greetings and farewells, etc.). Coordinators are expected to document daily activities, attend quarterly and annual meetings, and assist in updating yearly service plans.

For child consumers, hours of service are generally after school from 2pm to dinnertime or bedtime, as well as some weekend time for specific programs.

For Adult consumers, hours of service are vary from morning to night.

Requirements for employment:
Must be 18 years of age
Must have a high school diploma or GED
Must have reliable transportation
Must carry 100/300 liability insurance on vehicle

Experience not required but helpful.

*Employees may work more than one PT position for FT employment

Bridges of Maine Employment Application  (link to pdf file)