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Welcome to Bridges of Maine

Welcome! We’re a human services company of moderate size but with what we hope is a big heart. Founded in 2002 , we provide in-home and community based services to children and adults with developmental disabilities in Maine. Our services are funded by MaineCare through the Department of Health and Human Services for eligible individuals (please visit our eligibility page for details).

Bridges of Maine services are intended to be a truly collaborative effort. Our goal is to encourage a true team sense, seeking to draw from the collective expertise of our staff, the families we serve, their case managers and other professionals, as they join in the work of our team providing mutual support between employees and families.
All of us are believed to have an important voice and contribution to make. We feel strongly that through the cooperative efforts of family and all of our support team, we offer the very best options for improving the quality of life for each individual.

Please take the opportunity to poke around our website and learn more about our company. We always encourage your thoughts and questions and may be reached by clicking the link to the left, “Contact Us” or by telephone, fax or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Programs and Services

Bridges of Maine, LLC is a family centered agency, committed to providing the highest quality of services possible for adults and children with mental retardation and autism. Children qualify for Rehabilitative and Community Support Services under the regulations of Section 28 of MaineCare Services; we offer adults Community Support Services under Section 29.

We also provide Home Support Waiver-level Services under Section 21 of MaineCare to children and adults granted that status by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services.  Learn More…

Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

It is our fundamental belief that each individual’s contribution to their community is based on their unique journey. A journey developed through their own life experiences, and the process by which they developed the necessary skills to succeed.

It’s not enough just to exist within the community, if one lives long enough it will happen naturally. It is important to be viewed as a respected community member, one who is held in regard by his or her neighbors. This quality of community status results, we feel, from a life long process of positive influences we can have on each other.   Learn More…